Trade For Me


: Start first month FREE.
: The minimum deposit required $1000.
: Profit Share 25% (we take profit from your profit after month).
: The minimum leverage required 1.200 to 1.1000.
: Fully Automatic & Manual trade by System and team.
: 24/7 account care with any time stops and withdraws payment.
: The lowest drawdown with high profit at very less time.
: Trade for me systems can monitor and trade multiple trading instruments simultaneously 24 hours a day.

We only make money when you do!

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Advantages of Trade For Me System

Loss Recovery

We have developed a system that allows us to easily recover any trading losses in a very short time.

High Success Rate

Our system has produced high success rates and profits as can be seen in our videos.

Accurate & Faster

The ‘Trade for Me’ system provides the best result on all kind of market situation so you can get Accurate & Faster result.

Save Your Time

The ‘Trade for Me’ system is stress-free and saves you precious time.

24/7 Monitoring

We do the information gathering and monitoring to analyse progress and manage your account.

Trade Variation

Our automated trading system allows us to trade multiple currency pairs an various strategies at the same time.

Powerful Strategy

We use powerful trading strategies to maximize profit and increase trading efficiency.

Fully Automatic

We have developed a complex system and this allows us to trade effectively and profitably.

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You want to know more about our Trade for Me service?

We have two options. you can select which one do you like most.

Option 1: Set it up yourself
1. Account Type: Our system only trades on the FXTM ECN ZERO account.
2. Account Leverage: The account leverage must be 1.200 to 1.1000.
Note: Some countries do not allow this level of leverage. If you are located in such a country, you cannot use Option 1 so please move to Option 2 and check that out.
3. Broker Account: You need to have or open an account with FXTM broker. Click on this link to open an account =
4. Funding Minimum: You need to fund the account with a minimum of $/€1000.
Note: you will need a Neteller, Skrill or Credit Card to fund your FXTM account.
5. Power of Attorney (POA): You will need to agree to a Power of Attorney – Financial (done electronically) which authorises us to trade on your account.
6. Profit Share: You will need to agree to pay us 25% of your profit by PayPal, Skrill and Neteller within the first week of the month for the previous month’s profit as calculated by EA Tech. Failure to comply could result in your immediate termination of the service. at EA Tech’s discretion.

Option 2: EA Tech Set-up (at no charge)
How it works or what we do for you.
1. You will need to agree to a Power of Attorney – Financial (done electronically) which authorises us to open and trade on your account.
2. We set up an FXTM ECN ZERO account with the appropriate leverage for you.
3. To enable EA Tech to fund your FXTM account you need to transfer a minimum of US$1000 to our Skrill and Neteller account – details of which will be provided.
4. We will begin trading your account as soon as possible after funding.
5. We will synchronise your trading account with a third party website ( so that you can monitor your trading account in a browser on a mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.
Note: You do not need to install MT4 to view details of your trading account.
6. At the end of each month we will calculate the profit we have made on your behalf and withdraw 25% of that amount from your account. We will notify you of that amount and you will be able to see this on the website we give you a link to.
Note: You pay nothing if we do not make a profit on your account.

WARNING : FXTM Broker only helps regarding your account such as deposit, withdraw, verify, open and close account as well as any kind of problems on the account. we are not part of FXTM Broker. we charge 25% behalf of trading on your account.

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EA TECH | Trade for Me

Here you can see live account results and the EA in operation.